2017 NFL Statistical Leaders Following Week Six

By Chris Malumphy

2017 Statistical Leaders Following Week Six

2017 Statistics by Team

2017 Surest Hands and Worst Connections after Three Weeks

By Chris Malumphy

The passing game is much like a synchronized dance with precise timing and technical proficiency of paramount importance. The big difference is that the defense is always trying to cut in and ruin the show. After three weeks of the 2017 NFL season, here is a list of the receivers with a minimum of 10 targets ranked from best to worst in terms of converting targets into completions.

The most proficient thus far is Shane Vereen who has caught 14 of his 15 targets, 93.3%, for the Giants. The Rams Sammy Watkins has lived up to his potential this season, catching 13 of 14 balls for 194 yards and two touchdowns. The ageless Ravens tight end Ben Watson has 13 receptions on 14 targets, 91.7%, and one touchdown.

Completely out of synch are the Bills Zay Jones who has only three receptions on 12 targets, 25%, and the Browns Kenny Britt and the Colts Donte Moncrief who each have just five catches on 15 targets, 33.3%

2017 Surest Hands (minimum 10 targets)
Shane VereenGiants151493.3966.96.401
Sammy WatkinsRams141392.919414.913.921
Ben WatsonRavens121191.71039.48.611
DeAndre WashingtonRaiders111090.9575.75.201
LeSean McCoyBills201890.01317.36.602
Ezekiel ElliottCowboys141285.7645.34.602
Allen HurnsJaguars141285.714412.010.322
James WhitePatriots141285.712610.59.002
Albert WilsonChiefs121083.3777.76.412
Jermaine KearseJets171482.416511.89.723
Coby FleenerSaints11981.810812.09.822
Terrance WilliamsCowboys161381.313210.28.303
Michael CrabtreeRaiders161381.317013.110.633
Tarik CohenBears252080.01266.35.015
Jerick McKinnonVikings10880.0405.04.002
Adam ThielenVikings241979.229915.712.505
Delanie WalkerTitans191578.916811.28.804
Mark IngramSaints141178.61089.87.703
Jordan ReedRedskins141178.6847.66.003
Ty MontgomeryPackers231878.31297.25.615
Christian McCaffreyPanthers231878.31739.67.505
Golden TateLions272177.81909.07.016
Travis KelceChiefs181477.814410.38.014
Javorius AllenRavens131076.9484.83.713
Taylor GabrielFalcons131076.912912.99.913
Dalvin CookVikings131076.9828.26.303
Le'Veon BellSteelers171376.5564.33.304
Jared CookRaiders171376.51249.57.314
Jordy NelsonPackers171376.513110.17.734
Todd GurleyRams171376.514010.88.224
Zach ErtzEagles282175.024511.78.817
Jack DoyleColts161275.013611.38.504
Melvin GordonChargers161275.0907.55.614
Carlos Hyde49ers161275.0615.13.804
Danny AmendolaPatriots12975.014816.412.303
Jarvis LandryDolphins261973.11266.64.807
Tyreek HillChiefs221672.725315.811.526
Sterling ShepardGiants221672.720012.59.116
Jordan MatthewsBills11872.715219.013.803
Jordan HowardBears11872.7405.03.603
Tyler ErvinTexans11872.7384.83.503
Kyle RudolphVikings11872.7759.46.813
George Kittle49ers11872.7486.04.403
Antonio BrownSteelers362672.235413.69.8110
Charles ClayBills181372.21158.86.425
Jamison CrowderRedskins181372.21138.76.305
Odell BeckhamGiants181372.21158.86.425
Doug BaldwinSeahawks282071.421210.67.618
Mohamed SanuFalcons211571.416010.77.616
Kendall WrightBears141071.410310.37.404
Jesse JamesSteelers171270.6877.35.125
David NjokuBrowns10770.0598.45.923
Brandon ColemanSaints10770.010615.110.623
Jason WittenCowboys261869.21598.86.128
Tevin ColemanFalcons13969.2889.86.814
Geronimo AllisonPackers13969.214616.211.204
Theo RiddickLions191368.4826.34.316
Evan EngramGiants191368.413810.67.316
Chris ThompsonRedskins191368.423117.812.226
Randall CobbPackers221568.21459.76.607
Stefon DiggsVikings251768.029317.211.748
Demaryius ThomasBroncos251768.023613.99.408
Mike EvansBuccaneers211466.716011.47.617
Leonard FournetteJaguars12866.7668.35.504
Ryan GrantRedskins12866.710312.98.614
Keenan AllenChargers291965.519610.36.8110
Michael ThomasSaints261765.422113.08.519
Larry FitzgeraldCardinals342264.724411.17.2112
A.J. GreenBengals312064.525212.68.1111
Nelson AgholorEagles14964.311512.88.225
Ted GinnSaints14964.312113.48.615
Cooper KuppRams14964.312614.09.015
Rob GronkowskiPatriots251664.023814.99.529
Pierre Garcon49ers251664.024915.610.009
T.Y. HiltonColts221463.625918.511.818
Josh BellamyBears11763.67811.17.104
DeVante ParkerDolphins191263.216113.48.517
JJ NelsonCardinals161062.516316.310.226
Andre EllingtonCardinals161062.510610.66.606
Robert WoodsRams161062.516916.910.606
Julio JonesFalcons261661.526516.610.2010
Jermaine GreshamCardinals13861.5627.84.805
Adam HumphriesBuccaneers13861.58610.86.605
Tyrell WilliamsChargers181161.112311.26.807
Zach MillerBears181161.1988.95.407
Duke JohnsonBrowns181161.116014.58.907
Davante AdamsPackers231460.920614.79.019
Tyler LockettSeahawks15960.010211.36.806
Eric EbronLions15960.0606.74.016
Travis BenjaminChargers15960.015917.710.616
Kelvin BenjaminPanthers15960.011012.27.306
Chris HoganPatriots171058.815415.49.137
Rishard MatthewsTitans241458.320114.48.4110
Darren SprolesEagles12758.37310.46.105
Brandon LaFellBengals14857.1597.44.206
Cole BeasleyCowboys14857.1698.64.906
Seth DevalveBrowns14857.113216.59.406
Bennie FowlerBroncos14857.18410.56.026
DeAndre HopkinsTexans372156.82049.75.5116
Torrey SmithEagles16956.312513.97.807
Devin FunchessPanthers181055.614614.68.108
Brandin CooksPatriots181055.625625.614.228
Alvin KamaraSaints181055.6767.64.208
Eric DeckerTitans181055.6919.15.108
Emmanuel SandersBroncos291655.216310.25.6213
Jimmy GrahamSeahawks201155.0817.44.109
Eli RogersSteelers11654.5549.04.905
C.J. ProsiseSeahawks11654.58714.57.905
Corey DavisTitans13753.87310.45.606
Rashard HigginsBrowns17952.910511.76.208
Terrelle PryorRedskins191052.611611.66.109
Martellus BennettPackers211152.41029.34.9010
Alshon JefferyEagles281450.018613.36.6114
Brandon MarshallGiants201050.0939.34.7010
Robby AndersonJets18950.014516.18.119
DeSean JacksonBuccaneers14750.012317.68.817
Jeremy MaclinRavens14750.09513.66.827
Antonio GatesChargers12650.0589.74.816
JuJu Smith-SchusterSteelers10550.05511.05.515
Marqise LeeJaguars231147.814112.86.1012
Marquise Goodwin49ers17847.110913.66.409
Kenny GolladayLions15746.710214.66.828
Marvin JonesLions13646.28814.76.827
Corey ColemanBrowns13646.26210.34.817
Ricardo LouisBrowns11545.56913.86.306
Amari CooperRaiders231043.510110.14.4113
Paul RichardsonSeahawks19842.110813.55.7211
Kamar AikenColts12541.7438.63.607
Dez BryantCowboys271140.711410.44.2216
Kenny StillsDolphins15640.08814.75.919
Martavis BryantSteelers18738.913519.37.5111
Jaron BrownCardinals17635.310016.75.9111
Kenny BrittBrowns15533.36913.84.6110
Donte MoncriefColts15533.311222.47.5010
Zay JonesBills12325.03913.03.309

2017 NFL Player Preseason Statistics

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Following are links to player statistics for the 2017 NFL Preseason. While the preseason is a pretty big (bad) joke in many respects, strong performance by backups, rookies and players on the fringe goes a long way towards determining whether they will make the final cut or be attractive to another team. Poor performance by players in competitive positions can be highly telling of the player's future. These stats may be particularly useful to Fantasy Football players. See which rookies played well or poorly. Did quarterbacks drafted in 2016 demonstrate improvement in the 2017 preseason? Who were the worst quarterbacks overall? What team and the top two quarterbacks in passer ratings with a minimum of 20 attempts? It is all here for you to see.




Coach Bill Belichick Teaches NFL Football Secrets

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NFL Official Playing Rules for 2017

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You’ve watched years of NFL action, so you think you know the rules. Well maybe. But there is always more to learn as the rules morph from year to year. Take a look at the NFL Official Playing Rules for 2017.

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